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Sundrop Exotic Fruit Plants (Eugenia Victoriana)

Sundrop Exotic Fruit Plants (Eugenia Victoriana)

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Plant Type Seedling Plant
Common Name Guayabilla, Sundrop
Botanical Name
Eugenia Victoriana
Bloom Time/Fruiting 2-3 Years
Maintenance Required Moderate

Sundrop/ Eugenia Victoriana is a small, bushy tree from Northern S. America - Colombia.The edible fruit is gathered from the wild and consumed locally. The plant is occasionally cultivated for its fruit . It grows best in a well-drained, rich, moist soil and a position in full sun or part shade. The thin-skinned bright orange fruit has a very succulent, aromatic pulp with an acidic flavour, popular as a tasty flavoring for juices, also It can be used to make delicious jams and does not need additional pectin. The orange fruit contains 2 - 4 seeds that separate easily from the pulp.



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