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Pondoh Salak Exotic Fruit Plants (Salacca Zalacca)

Pondoh Salak Exotic Fruit Plants (Salacca Zalacca)

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Plant Type Seedling Plant
Common Name Snake fruit
Botanical Name Salacca Zalacca
Bloom Time/Fruiting 3-4 Years
Maintenance Required Moderate
Plant Age 1 Year

Salak Pondoh/ Snake Fruit is a variety of Salak grown in the District of Sleman, a special province of Yogyakarta that is well-known to Indonesians. Snake fruit is similar in size and shape to a fig, with a bulbous body that tapers to a point at one end. It has snake-like skin lies three white or light yellow lobes of juicy pulp, with hard, flat, dark brown, seeds inside. The taste is usually sweet and acidic, with a strong astringent edge, but its apple-like texture can vary from very dry and crumbly to moist and crunchy. Snake fruit is called the Fruit of Memory in Indonesia because it is rich in potassium and pectin, both important nutrients for brain health and development. It also contains nutrients like thiamine, iron, and calcium, as well as vitamin C.



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