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Alocasia Luterbatchiana

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Healthy plant in its pot (white) with premium soil - saucer included
Plant Size: 40 - 55 cm tall (including pot)
Pot Size: 10 cm in diameter, 10 cm tall.
Saucer Size: 12 cm in diameter

Alocasia Lauterbachiana is also commonly known as ‘Elephant Ears’ because of the wavy edges of its leaves. Also known as ‘Purple Sword’ because of the purple-colored flowers, the purple-colored veins in the center, and the leaves undersides. Its not pet friendly plant.

Moderate - High maintenance

Bright Indirect Sunlight

Plant the alocasia in moist compost rich soil - water little but often. Alocasias being tropical loves humidity. If you are planning to repot, it's best to wait at least 2 or 3 weeks after getting your new plant.

If your plant dies within 14 days, we’ll replace it. Read more about our Replacement/ Return policy.