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KG10 Rambutan Exotic Fruit Plants (Red)

KG10 Rambutan Exotic Fruit Plants (Red)

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Plant Type Grafted Plant
Common Name Hairy Fruit,  KG10 Rambutan
Botanical Name KG10 Rambutan
Bloom Time/Fruiting 2-3 Years
Maintenance Required Moderate
Plant Age 6 months

Hairy Fruit / KG10 Rambutan is a big-size rambutan variety, with an average weight of 70 to 100g. This fruit is related to lychee, mamoncillo, and longan. It is mainly in those areas that it is consumed. It is still a rare event to see and eat in the country. The peel is covered with lumps, actually modified spines, with the appearance of curved and reddish hair. It is small, oval, and delightful, with a certain resemblance to a grape pulp.


The Rambutan is a tropical tree native to Southeast Asia, which grows mainly in hot climates and offers an exotic fruit of the same name.


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