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Jaboticaba Branca Exotic Fruit Plant (Phitrantha Branca)

Jaboticaba Branca Exotic Fruit Plant (Phitrantha Branca)

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Common Name Jaboticaba Branca
Botanical Name Plinia Phitrantha Branca
Bloom Time/Fruiting 4 to 5 Years
Maintenance Required Moderate

This Plinia phitrantha has several common names including Phitrantha Branca, Giant White Leaf, and UFMG Branca Horto de Otto Anderson. It is known for having some of the largest leaves of any jaboticaba and large seeds. The semi-deciduous tree often has a crocked bole and a dense crown. It grows to 4-7 meters in Brazil and has lanceolate leaves that can reach up to 18cm long. New growth emerges pubesent with a salmon color and hardens off to dark green with deep impressed primary and lateral veins. The fruit are subglobous, often have a small nipple at the connection with the penduncle, are deeply costate, and are light green colored even when ripe, and contain 1-3 large seeds. The flavor is excellent with a sweet jaboticaba flavor with a hint of honey.



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