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Giant Olosapo Exotic Fruit Plants (Couepia Polyandra)

Giant Olosapo Exotic Fruit Plants (Couepia Polyandra)

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Plant Type Seedling Plant
Common Name Zapote Amarillo, Baboon Cap, Monkey Cap.
Botanical Name Couepia Polyandry
Bloom Time/Fruiting 4-5 Years(seedling)
Maintenance Required Moderate

Giant Olosapo Fruit (Couepia Polyandryis) is a bigger variety olosapo from the Chrysobalanaceae family and is native to Mexico and Central America. These pickle-shaped aromatic fruits pair well with other fruits such as coconut, strawberries, and bananas. Olosapo is a rare edible fruit that is yellow to yellow-orange in color when mature. The flesh is fibrous, semidry, and incoherent in the shape of egg yolk. It has a gentle flavor similar to canistel once ripe. Olosapo is aromatic with an unusual sweet flavor compared to a mixture of sweet potato, custard, eggnog, and burnt sugar. one tree may produce hundreds of fruits each season. Olosapo is an excellent source of fiber, which can help stimulate the digestive tract and cleanse the body. The fruits also contain an antioxidant that can help strengthen the immune system, boost collagen production within the skin, and reduce inflammation. Olosapo Gaint and Olosapo normal are two varities.


Fairly drought resistant, grown in full sun.


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