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Chikku Sapote Exotic Fruit Plants (Manilkara Zapota)

Chikku Sapote Exotic Fruit Plants (Manilkara Zapota)

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Plant Type Grafted Plant
Common Name Sapote
Botanical Name Manilkara Zapota
Bloom Time/Fruiting 6 month to 1 Years
Maintenance Required Moderate
Plant Age 8 months

Chikku Sapote/ Manilkara Zapota is a slow growing evergreen tree with a pyramidal crown, native to Southern Mexico, Central America and Caribbean. Common names for it includes Sapodillas, Sapota, Chikoo, and Chico. The Sapote fruit is highly distinctive. Its flesh fluctuates in hue from a pale yellow to an earthy brown and has a gritty texture similar to a pear. It has an extraordinarily sweet, malty flavour and texture. Each fruit is firm, glossy, and black, and it has one to six seeds. Rich in fibre, vitamins A, B, and C. Moreover, it contains a lot of antioxidants.


Trees require a moist and warm climate. The fruit tree is tolerant of most conditions but prefers a sunny, warm, and frost free location in most any type of soil with good drainage.


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