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Cambodian Honey Jack Exotic Fruit Plants

Cambodian Honey Jack Exotic Fruit Plants

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Plant Type Budded plant
Common Name Jack tree, Cambodian Jack, 
Botanical Name Cambodian Honey Jack
Bloom Time/Fruiting 3-4 Years
Maintenance Required Low
Plant Age 1 year

The Jackfruit, also known as Jack tree, is a species of tree in the fig, mulberry, and breadfruit family. Its origin is in the region between the Western Ghats of Southern India, all of Sri Lanka, and the rainforests of Malaysia, Indonesia, and the Philippines. It is a fast-growing evergreen tree with a spreading and irregular crown, that can grow up to 25 meters tall, but is usually smaller, it is particularly valued for its fruit. The tree is widely cultivated in tropical regions, especially southeast Asia and Brazil, for its edible fruit and seed Fruit - raw or cooked in a variety of ways. This Cambodian-origin jackfruit with having Flake Color of Orangish Red weighs around 8-12 kg. The fruit becomes sweeter as it ripens, as some of the carbohydrates are converted into sugars. It is often eaten raw at this stage but is also still cooked as a vegetable Having a combined taste of sweetness, Firmness of arils, and a pleasant smell. This variety is ideal as a table snack. The pulp o


It's key to keep the soil evenly moist, regularly weed around your jackfruit tree to prevent other plants from competing for nutrients and moisture in the soil. Mulch around the tree both can help to suppress weeds and to retain soil moisture.


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