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Breadfruit Exotic Fruit Plants (Artocarpus Altilis)

Breadfruit Exotic Fruit Plants (Artocarpus Altilis)

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Plant Type Seedling Plant
Common Name Ulu
Botanical Name Artocarpus altilis
Bloom Time/Fruiting  2-3 Years
Maintenance Required Moderate
Plant Age 6 months

Breadfruit/ Artocarpus Altilis is a versatile fruit that belongs to the mulberry and jackfruit botanical family. They grow across tropical regions and the Pacific Islands, Caribbean, and Southeast Asia. The name breadfruit comes from the apparent association with bread. People cook semi-ripe food, and the texture resembles that of bread with a hint of potato-like flavor. The ripe fruits, or matured ovaries, of these pistillate flowers, are roundish, 10 to 20 centimeters (4 to 8 inches) in diameter, greenish to brownish green, and have a white, somewhat fibrous pulp. Breadfruit contains considerable amounts of starch and is seldom eaten raw. It may be roasted, baked, boiled, fried, or dried and ground into flour and the roasted seeds taste like chestnuts. Breadfruit brings various health benefits, it is rich in Vitamin C and Thiamine, contains a high amount of dietary fibre, has anti-cancer properties, helps improve digestion, improves bone health, etc. In addition, breadfruit flour


It requires moderate amounts of annual rainfall with a temperature of 20°C to 33 °C. In the initial stages of the plantation, partial shading helps to grow fast and later stages they thrive best under full sunlight conditions. These trees grow on a wide range of well-drained deep soils with good organic matter.


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