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Black Berry Jam Exotic Fruit Plants (Randia Formosa)

Black Berry Jam Exotic Fruit Plants (Randia Formosa)

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Plant Type Seedling Plant
Common Name Achachairu or Achacha
Botanical Name Garcinia Humilis
Bloom Time/Fruiting 6 Years
Maintenance Required Moderate 
Plant Age 1 year

Blackberry Jam Fruit/ Randia Formosa is a fruit from Central and South America, especially in Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, and Ecuador. This is a rare tropical to subtropical fruit, growing as a small evergreen bushy shrub, usually only 4-5 ft tall in the ground and 3-4 ft in the container. It can be also trained into a miniature tree. Highly fragrant large white flowers give way to amazing little fruits with deep purple to black pulp-filled interiors that taste, sweet and tangy and very reminiscent of blackberry jam. The subglobose fruits are about 3cm x 2cm. Blackberries are very rich in polyphenols, flavonoids, anthocyanins, and other powerful antioxidants, which bring countless health benefits.


Tolerates shade and will flower and fruit in filtered light, requires acidic soil, can take both sun and shade, the plant is cold hardy and is said to withstand as low as 26F.


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