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Begonia Maurice Amey 'Single Shoot'

Begonia Maurice Amey 'Single Shoot'

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Begonia 'Maurice Amey' is a stunning cultivar known for its vibrant, colorful foliage and unique leaf patterns. It makes an excellent addition to both indoor and outdoor gardens.


Healthy plant in black pot with prepared Soil mix.

PLANT SIZE : 15- 25 cm tall (including pot)

Images are for reference purposes only. Each plant is unique, so there will be variations in color, shape, etc.


Easy - Low maintenance


Begonia 'Maurice Amey' thrives in bright, indirect light. It can tolerate some direct sunlight, particularly in the morning or late afternoon, but avoid harsh midday sun which can scorch the leaves. Indoors, place it near a bright window with filtered light.


Watering: Keep the soil consistently moist but not waterlogged. Water when the top inch of soil feels dry. Begonias prefer slightly moist conditions, so regular watering is essential. Avoid getting water on the leaves to prevent fungal diseases.
Soil Type: Use a well-draining soil mix. A mixture of potting soil with added perlite or sand works well. Ensure the soil retains moisture but also drains well to prevent root rot.
Temperature and Humidity
Temperature: Begonia 'Maurice Amey' prefers temperatures between 18-24°C (65-75°F). Protect it from cold drafts and temperatures below 10°C (50°F).
Humidity: This plant enjoys high humidity. Aim for humidity levels around 60-70%. Using a humidifier or placing the pot on a tray of pebbles with water can help maintain the necessary humidity.
Fertilizer: Feed the plant with a balanced liquid fertilizer every 4-6 weeks during the growing season (spring and summer). Reduce feeding during the fall and winter months when the plant’s growth slows down.
Repotting: Repot every 1-2 years or when the plant outgrows its current pot. Choose a pot slightly larger than the current one with good drainage to ensure the plant remains within your desired size range.
Pruning: Remove any dead or yellowing leaves to maintain a tidy appearance and promote healthy growth. Pruning helps manage the plant's size and encourages more vigorous growth.


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