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Brazilian Perfumed Guava Exotic Fruit Plant (Psidium acutangulum)

Brazilian Perfumed Guava Exotic Fruit Plant (Psidium acutangulum)

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Plant Type Grafted Plant
Common Name Araca Pera , Brazilian Guava,Para guava 
Botanical Name Psidium angulatum
Bloom Time/Fruiting 2 to 3 Years 
Maintenance Required Moderate
Plant Age 6 months+

Bayabas Fruit (Psidium Acutangulum ) is an evergreen shrub or a tree with a small, sparse crown, native to S. America - Brazil, Bolivia, Peru, Ecuador, French Guiana, Surinam, and Guyana. The edible fruits are a popular food, being gathered from the wild and consumed locally. The sulfur-yellow apple-sized fruits have creamy, tart-sweet juicy flesh with a pleasant, aromatic,flavor suggestive of bananas and lemon. It is usually eaten raw, also made into jellies and juices.



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