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Alupag Exotic Fruit Plants (Dimocarpus Didyma)

Alupag Exotic Fruit Plants (Dimocarpus Didyma)

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Plant Type Grafted Plant
Common Name Lychee
Botanical Name Dimocarpus Didyma
Bloom Time/Fruiting 3-4 Years
Maintenance Required Moderate
Plant Age 1 years +

Alupag/Dimocarpus Didyma is a fruit tree found throughout Southeast Asia. It is endemic in the Philippines but has now reached neighboring countries as well. Compared to longan, it has bumpier skin. The fruit is appreciated in its native range but generally put aside for its better-known and highly selected relatives, the lychee and longan. Alupag fruits are mostly consumed fresh and have an excellent taste. It is whitish and semi-transparent in the flesh, wrapped around a large black seed. It tastes delicious and juicy. The appearance is warty, with rough peel, brownish and globular.


Alupag is a fruit of tropical climate but it also adapts itself to subtropical climate. The trees seem to prefer well drained fertile land. This fruit has been noticed to be sensitive to the use of chemical fertilizers.


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