Alocasia Longiloba

Alocasia Longiloba

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What's included in the box

Healthy plant in its pot (white) with premium soil - saucer included
Plant Size: 8" - 10" tall (including pot)
Pot Size: 3.75" in diameter, 3" tall.
Saucer Size: 4.7" in diameter

Alocasias (African mask plants) are exceptionally decorative plants and real must-have for all plant lovers! The leaves of Alocasia longiloba are arrow-shaped, green with silver markings and have wavy edge.


LIGHT Bright, indirect light. Avoid excessive direct sunlight.

CARE TIPS Keep the Alocasia plants in lightweight, well-draining potting soil. Maintain evenly moist but not soggy soil during the growing season, watering when the surface begins to dry. Reduce watering in winter.