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Achachairu Exotic Fruit Plants (Garcinia Humilis)

Achachairu Exotic Fruit Plants (Garcinia Humilis)

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Plant Type Seedling Plant
Common Name Achachairu or Achacha
Botanical Name Garcinia Humilis
Bloom Time/Fruiting 6 Years
Maintenance Required Moderate  
Plant Age 1 year+

Achachairu/Garcinia Humilis literally translates to honey kiss in the Guarani language. Achacha is a small evergreen tree with a pyramidal canopy. Leaves are glossy, darker green on top but lighter underneath, opposite, simple and thick, leathery, and brittle. This delicious fruit is closely related to mangosteen and is native to Bolivia Achachairu is yellowish–orange when ripe. Achachairu Fruit is an evergreen shrub, and the fruit's skin has a thick rind and turns into a reddish-orange color when mature and emits a pleasant smell. Its color and shape are so attractive that it is often used for decorative purposes. Achachairu fruit is eaten raw or made into juices or a refreshing summer drink. it can be grown well in tropical and subtropical areas – that of India’s climate. It is a shade-loving plant. This species has excellent commercial potential in tropical regions. The honey that is made from it is used for medicinal purposes. They sell it for 10 times the normal price of hone


Requires a tropical or subtropical climate, requires modest rainfall, can withstand flooding and water-logging for a certain duration, prefers natural soil, fertile with compost or cow manure.


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