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Acai Berry Exotic Fruit Plants (Euterpe Oleracea)

Acai Berry Exotic Fruit Plants (Euterpe Oleracea)

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Plant Type Seedling Plant
Common Name Acai palm, Assai palm, Cabbage palm, and Palma Manaca.
Botanical Name Euterpe Oleracea
Bloom Time/Fruiting 3-5 Years
Maintenance Required Moderate
Plant Age 8 month

Acai Berry/ Euterpe Oleracea is a palm tree in the Amazon. This fruit also known as superfoods is a grape-like fruit native to the rainforests of South America, They have dark purple skin and yellow flesh. and pulp is used in producing purplish juice. we can enjoy acai as a smoothie or as juice. Its pulp also contains great nutritional power. These berries have benefits ranging from improved skin appearance to weight loss and their high antioxidant content has many health benefits for your brain, heart, and overall health. It also delivers healthy fats and fiber, making them generally healthy food. They are nutrient-dense. Studies indicate Acai berries could have an anti-cancer effect and boost brain function.


Acai palms grow best in a position with part shade and moist, slightly acidic soil. They prefer warm temperatures of 70 degrees fahrenheit and above. Acai palms grown in containers will need good drainage holes at the bottom of the container


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