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Are the vegetables we buy clean enough to eat?

Over the past few decades, to meet the hunger needs of our ever-growing population, we have been producing food in factory farms by overwhelming the planet. Almost everything has changed. What we eat now is a greater cause of disease and death in the world than either tobacco or alcohol. Harmful chemicals have entered our food and we are feeding ourselves and our children with it.
Isn't it time we stop having poison on our plates?
At Growcerys, we decided to act. Our vision is to revolutionize the way we produce and consume food.

the idea

Fish is grown in a tank and the water from the tank, consisting of fish waste is pumped to a grow tray containing vegetable seedlings. The fish waste present in the water acts as nutrients for plants. The plants absorb the waste from the water and clean water is cycled back to the fish tank from the grow tray. This cylce creates a sustainable ecosystem, where plants and fish help each other grow.


Cycle of growth

The combination of fish and plants creates a smart sustainable cycle. Waste from fish farming becomes nutrients for growing vegetables, which cleanse the water for fish farming.. A win-win situation!

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More for Less

Aquaponics uses 95% less water than traditional farming and the yield is two to four times more compared to conventional farming. In return for minimum input, you get a supply of delicious organic produce and healthy fish.


Small farms. Big roles

We have to realize that we can be more efficient about what we grow, where we grow and how we grow. By switching to aquaponics, we chose to lead a sustainable lifestyle and help build a greener planet.


Aquaponics with Growcerys

At Growcerys we have worked out the basic set up of the system. Not only will the input cost be minimized, but also the value of the produce will be high. Yield would be well managed and healthy, containing no artificial chemicals, or hormones and having no adverse effect upon the environment.

Meet the people
who are changing the world.

Arun has been practicing aquaponics for the past two years. From his farm at Wadakanchery, he proudly recollects getting an annual yied of above 500 kg of vegetables along with over 200Kg of Fish. Young but wise, 'Love for nature coupled with your enthusiasm for farming ' he says is the secret to a good yield. He is happy to show around the farm for visitors.


01 Balcony Kit

Area 2 (1 mt. X 2 mt.)
Yield 10 plants | 5 Fish
Set-up time 6 hours
This is the perfect kit for urban hobbyist about to start their organic journey. Occupying space comparable to an ordinary book shelf, this kit gives the capacity to grow your daily salad vegetables with minimum input.

02 Garden Kit

Area 4 (4 mt. X 1 mt.)
Yield 20 plants | 30 Fish
Set-up time 6 hours
This is the perfect kit for professional hobbyist thinking of growing vegetables for their daily use. Occupying space comparable to a dining table, this kit gives the capacity to grow your daily salad vegetables with minimum input.

03 Aqua bowl

Area 900 (30 cm. X 30 cm.)
Yield 5 leafy plants | 1 Fish
Set-up time 2 hours
Imagine a fish growing your next salad vegetable in your kitchen. Place Aqua bowl anywhere in your home and it will only make the place look prettier. . It has the capacity to produce common salad vegetables like lettuce, basil, mint etc.

04 PVC coated fabric Tank

Volume 1000L, 5000L, 10000L
Capacity 5000L - 500 Fish
Set-up time 6 hours
If you are looking for a custom tank that is easy to set up, sturdy, made of PVC coated fabric this is the one for you. A 5000L tank has the capacity to grow 500 fish. We also guarantee 10 years of zero damage come rain or sun.

Join our community of changemakers. Let us all pledge an unshakable commitment to a sustainable lifestyle. All it takes is your love for nature. We will help you with the rest.

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