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Purple waffle Plant

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Healthy plant in its pot (white) with premium soil - saucer included
Plant Size: 15 - 25 cm tall (including pot)
Pot Size: 10 cm in diameter, 10 cm tall.
Saucer Size: 12 cm in diameter

Purple waffle plant (Hemigraphis alternata, red ivy) is a tropical perennial that is commonly grown as a houseplant or as an outdoor annual. They have beautiful prostrate foliage with the added virtue of excellent air-purifying properties.

Moderate - High maintenance

Bright indirect sunlight

Plant in well drained moist (not soggy) soil. Water when the top soil feels dry to touch. If you are planning to repot, it's best to wait at least 2 or 3 weeks after getting your new plant.

If your plant dies within 14 days, we’ll replace it. Read more about our Replacement/ Return policy.