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Philodendron sp Colombia 'Jiffy'

Philodendron sp Colombia 'Jiffy'

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Unveil the captivating Philodendron sp Colombia, a rare beauty boasting velvety, textured leaves with silvery variegations. This easy-care climber thrives in bright, indirect light and is perfect for adding a touch of the exotic to your indoor space.


Plant will be shipped without pot. The roots will be wrapped in coco peat ensuring plant remains healthy during the transit.

PLANT SIZE : 15 - 20 cm height with Jiffy Bag

Images are for reference purposes only. Each plant is unique, so there will be variations in color, shape, etc.


Moderate maintenance


Mimic its understory habitat with bright, indirect light. To encourage climbing, provide a moss pole or other support structure.


Water deeply when the top inch of well-draining soil dries out. Maintain moderate humidity with a humidifier, pebble tray, or misting. For extra encouragement, a monthly dose of balanced fertilizer during spring and summer keeps those stunning variegations popping.


The Plant will be shipped within 5-7 business days.

If your plant arrives damaged, inform us within 24 hours of delivery. Read more about our Replacement/ Return policy.

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