Peperomia Clusiifolia 'Ginny'
Peperomia Clusiifolia 'Ginny'
Peperomia Clusiifolia 'Ginny'

Peperomia Clusiifolia 'Ginny'

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Healthy plant in its pot (white) with premium soil - saucer included
Plant Size: 40 - 60 cm tall (including pot)
Pot Size: 15 cm in diameter, 16 cm tall.
Saucer Size: 16 cm in diameter

Peperomias (Baby rubber plant/Pepper face) are incredibly easy going, low care houseplants - ideal for new plant parents! The Ginny Peperomia (Tricolor peperomia) has creamy green pointy fleshy leaves that feature darker green central stripes and mild pink shaded edges.

Moderate - high maintenance

Do best in bright indirect light.

Grow Peperomias in any well-draining potting soil. These plants does not need much water, allow the top soil to dry out in between watering. If you are planning to repot, it's best to wait at least 2 or 3 weeks after getting your new plant.

If your plant dies within 14 days, we’ll replace it. Read more about our Replacement/ Return policy.