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Fulvic Humic Extract | Herbology by Growcerys 200ml

Fulvic Humic Extract | Herbology by Growcerys 200ml

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  • Fulvic Humic Supreme acids biologically stimulates the plant and the activities of the micro organisms.
  • Increase drought tolerance, and prevent wilting.
  • Stimulates root growth, uptake of nutrients and proliferation of desirable micro organisms in the soil.
  • Enhances the plant’s natural resistance against disease and pest.
  • Stimulate plant metabolism.
  • Increase activity of multiple enzymes.
  • Acts as an organic catalyst in many biological processes.
  • Increases the quality and their physical appearance.
  • Stimulates plant enzymes and increases their production.

  • Apply 2ml to 3ml of Fulvic Humic Extract per liter of water and apply on plants with sprayers.
  • It can be applied to soil through drenching in a dosage of 2ml/liter of water.
  • Repeat the process every 15-20 days.


Humic Acid : 8%

Fulvic Acid : 4%

Inert to make : 100%

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