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Neem Cake - 1Kg | The Dirt Bag by Growcerys

Neem Cake - 1Kg | The Dirt Bag by Growcerys

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Neem cake is made by crushing neem leaves, bark, and fruits. It is the best source of micro-nutrients that support the growth of plants.

Neem cakes are an excellent NPK fertilizer with a natural timed-release capability.
It can also slow and sometimes even stop fungal root rot, some bacteria, and other harmful plant pathogens.

To apply it on the potted plants, take about 100 grams of Neem cake and sprinkle on the topsoil and stir with a stick along with the topsoil for uniform distribution.
Use Neem cake once a month in the garden.

It can slow early root development if applied too heavily.

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