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Bone Meal Powder - 1 Kg | The Dirt Bag by Growcerys

Bone Meal Powder - 1 Kg | The Dirt Bag by Growcerys

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Bone meal is made from defatted, dried animal bones that are ground to a fine powder. It’s a mineral supplement. It’s high in calcium and phosphorus.

Due to the presence of adequate amount of phosphorus in bone meal, it helps in better root growth and development of tertiary and beneficial roots. Phosphorus is also essential for plants to flower, hence adequate supply of phosphorus through bone meal application helps in increasing flower growth.

Loosen the potting media around the plants (2-3 inch depth).
Apply 4-5 teaspoon of bone meal for grow bags and 1 fistful for planter box.
Mix thoroughly with potting media.
Level the potting mix properly.
Watering should be done immediately after nutrient application (based on moisture content).
Nutrient application must be done 2-3 inch away from the stem.
Wait for four months before you reapply.

Bone meal fertilizer only works in acidic soil (pH is 7.0 or below).
Store in cool and dry place.
Consult physician immediately if ingested.

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