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Your next aquarium is not an aquarium


We put the science of aquaponics into the body of an aquarium to design a mini garden that fits on a desk.

Modern and minimalist design, Bloom is designed to be the easiest home decor you need to move. The water cycle is rhythmic and engineered to perfection. No dripping. No splashing. 

Home decor with Life

Imagine a fish growing your next salad. Bloom is a tiny aquaponics farm inside your home. Ideal for microgreens, Bloom can grow just about anything- herbs, salad greens and other plants.


With Easy Bloom technology do not worry about watering your plants. These clever little sensors make sure the environment is perfect for the plants and fish to grow. These include soil moisture, ambient temperature, and light conditions. 

Made for you

Display nature in your own beautiful way with Bloom. Taking on an cuboid shape, Bloom offers a fresh design for your interiors. You can even customise the wall the way you wish (or stick notes on it!).